SB 028The Project Managers at Eastern Oregon Business Source take pride in staying current, so that they can offer clients the most practical best-practices and tools available to businesses.  Listed here are sources that the project managers have personally read and now recommend to their clients.  If you would like to offer a customized training session or have a guest speaker on any of these topics or if you would like to conduct a book study using one of the sources below, contact Eastern Oregon Business Source for a consultation.  Contact us.

Investing in your professional development yields long term benefits for both you and your organization.  Investing in your employees not only increases their job satisfaction, but also their productivity on the job.  It’s a win-win!  Contact Eastern Oregon Business Source to help you take your organization to where you want it to go!

What’s on the Bookshelf at Eastern Oregon Business Source?

  • Bennis, Warren.  On Becoming A Leader.
  • Clarke, Maxine.  The Bear Necessities of Business. 
  • Collins, J.  Good to Great.
  • Collins, J. and Porras, Jerry, I.  Built to Last:  Successful Habits of Visionary Companies.
  • Farber, Steve.  Radical Leap.
  • Farber, Steve.  Radical Edge.
  • Gulati, R.  Reorganize for Resilience:  Putting Customer at the Center of Your Business.
  • Hagel, J. Brown, J.S. Davison, L.  The Power of Pull:  How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion.
  • Lavinsky, Dave. Start at the End.
  • Senge, Peter. M.  The Fifth Discipline:  The Art  Practice of the Learning Organization. 
  • Shulze, Howard.  Pour Your Heart into It.
  • Thomas, R. Crucibles of Leadership:  How to Learn From Experience to Become a Great Leader.


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