Client Feedback

“Susan’s enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious!  She is a joy to work with and she has an amazing work ethic.”       Susan Bower Pro Photo  

D. J., SVP, Banc One Corporation

“Susan’s wisdom and experience are ahead of her years.  She studies, listens, responds to feedback, and adjusts for the business mission.  As a result, she has earned that position of being a resource to many.”

G.K., EVP, Charter One Bank, FSB

“Eastern Oregon Business Source helped us make a transformational business decision.”

K.M, Regional Vice President, McDonalds, Ohio Division

“Susan is a natural leader.  She knows when to lead, when to follow, when to speak, and when to listen.”

L.L., Insty-Prints

“Ms. Bower brings out the best in her students.  She gives suggestions on how to improve and she really knows her stuff!”

Student, Blue Mountain Community College

“Ms.  Bower has  a genuine interest in what she teaches and a contagious desire for her students to learn.  She is approachable with ideas and questions which enhance her effectiveness beyond measure!”

Student, New Directions, Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute

“I am impressed with Ms. Bower’s knowledge about business and current events.  She is an amazing teacher; full of respect, open-mindedness, and an interactive and engaging teaching style.”

Student, New Directions, Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute